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Killer Baking

Echo sat in his bed/cooking laboratory making come cookies. The smoke from the little baking fire was channeled out the window next to his bed. But his mind was on other things, as usual. Many powerful, thought-provoking questions were running through his mind. Making cookies for Echo created the same effect as other people taking showers. He contemplated very deep thoughts, and came out of it with an attractive smell.
Why are cookies called 'cookies'? Does it come from the same word as 'cooking'? I wonder who invented cookies. I wonder who invented cooking. Its different from baking. But making cookies is actually baking. Why arent they called 'bakies'? I'll call them bakies. Maybe the name was an accident. Hah, that was almost an accident Tuesday. Teachers shouldn't be allowed to prevent students from using the bathroom. Lucky for me I have willpower. I wonder what decides how much willpower people have. God? And why are there no churches outside the muggle world? Nothing wrong with a little religion sometimes.
Then he burned his finger, and he got back to cooking cookies. I mean, cooking bakies.
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