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1000 Paper Cranes

Echo stood alone in an empty classroom. It was unused for quite some time, and the sunlight shone in, reflecting off of the dust. The effect created a beam of light that shone around his still form, his wand upraised, and a large number of white paper cranes all laying on the wood floor.
He raised the wand, like a conductor's baton, and started swinging it around rhythmically. The cranes rose into the air, and flew around.
The spell was quite simple normally, but he wanted to see if he could do more with it. More than just make them fly around him. He flicked his wrist, and the cranes flew the opposite way in their orbit. Concentrating now, he tried to make half of them turn around.
After a few seconds, the origami started dropping out of the air. Wha?
He realized that through the whole exercise, he hadn't taken a breath. So he did, and the paper cranes all fell to the floor.
He turned on his heel, facing the window, and stepped on one of the cranes. The satisfying crunch made him feel better. He took another step forward, and grinned. In a few more steps, he was looking out the window, staring away at the trees which marked the beginning of the forbidden forest.
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