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water drinking before bed...

Echo woke up, feeling uncomfortable. He never liked waking up in the middle of the night. Especially at Hogwarts, where the floors were cold and the bathrooms far. He stayed in bed for a few minutes, thinking that the full bladder might just... Go away. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, so finally, reluctantly, he got out of bed. Looking in a mirror, he noticed that he really did look bad after sleeping. His hair looked a bit like an explosion, and his shirt was backwards, and inside out. How could that happen? He put it on right when he went to bed. Was he that messy of a sleeper? Is it possible? At least his boxers were on straight.
So he walked, sleepily but quickly, because his feet were cold, out of the common room and through the porthole into the hall. He shivered. It was kind of scary there, by himself. Ghosts weren't a problem, but... Dark corridors, stretching on forever and ever gave him the jeebies.
So he started walking, keeping a hand against the wall.
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